Most everyone who picks up a camera experiences the common problems of the beginning photographer: Out of focus, improper exposure, dull images, and poor composition. Add to that photography’s confusing terminology and you have a recipe for total frustration with your camera.

Even if you are an experienced amateur photographer who understands ISO, depth-of-field, f/stops and shutter speeds, photographing friends and family can lead to poor results because of a lack of knowledge about lighting.

Jim Colman Photography offers classes aimed at the beginner and advanced photographers. Even if you’ve never picked up a camera before, at the end of my two-hour “Basic Photography” class, you will leave with the knowledge to successfully operate your camera in manual mode, making all the necessary adjustments in order to create a well exposed photograph. More importantly, you will gain an understanding of basic photography principals which you can practice at home.

For the advanced amateur, I offer a two hour session “Lighting on Location” workshop which will teach you how to use natural light, reflectors and inexpensive flashes off-camera with your DSLR to shoot portraits and family photographs. I will be showing you the actual reasons behind each lighting setup with the intention to teach you to be able to create your own… not just replicate the exact things I show you at the workshop.

Classes are scheduled throughout the summer and fall seasons on Sunday mornings and Tuesday evenings at Millbrook Exchange Park in Raleigh.  Each two hour class is only $90. Use the “contact me” tab for more information. For my “Lighting on Location” workshop, a basic understanding of photography and your camera is required for best results.

About me. I have a degree in photography from Brooks Institute, one of the premiere photography schools in the country. I have over 30 years experience in film, television and photography lighting and have been teaching lighting classes for many years. I have been running a successful photography business since 2008, focusing on commercial photography, weddings and family portraits.